How to Identify Plumbing Problems? 

Are you one of those people who’ve made it a habit to address various plumbing issues every single day? If so, then the red flags are enough for you to identify the plumbing problem and fix them right away.  


However, you might have a hard time noticing easily the red flags if it is your first time having your own house. Therefore, you’ll have to hire an expert plumbing company that could tackle all types of plumbing issues. From blocked drain plumbers to strange noises, here are some of the most common plumbing issues: 

Slow Drains 

Blocked pipes result in gurgling sounds that make it pretty hard for the water to drain out. The blockage will vary between a complete clog and a partial one. While a plunger might loosen up the blockage, it’s not possible to totally get rid of it. Thus, you require the help of a professional drain cleaner.  

You might invest in sink strainer that gathers all the debris, hair, and dirt. This will allow the water to easily flow. A strainer might be utilized in the bath or shower together with the sink. You’ve got to ensure you do not pour oil into the sink if you have to get rid of it. You should take a jar instead of storing the oil and take it later at the recycling facility.  

Strange Sounds 

If you find weird sounds coming from the pipes or drains, it may be because of rattling, whistling, humming, gurgling, and banging. Banging sounds take place if there’s some issue with the pressure of the water because of the air bubbles or water hammers. In addition to that, humming sounds show the pressure of the water is higher than your system can handle. This affects the pipes and would make them shake vigorously. This leads to more sounds. Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem.  

Another common weird sound is gurgling. This typically happens when draining the water and the pipes are clogged. You’ve got to employ a professional plumber to address the issue of vibrating pipes. The reason for this is that it’s typically hidden behind floors, walls, or ceilings. Whistling sound happens because particular components appear to deteriorate since faucets and valves can’t properly function. Finally, a whistling sound comes with age when certain parts start to deteriorate. This means that the valves or faucets aren’t able to properly function. 

Increase in Water Bills 

It’s important for you to detect the problem right away if there’s a sudden rise in the water bills. Various plumbing issues might appear that can cause an increase in your high bills. This includes dripping faucet, leaky toilets, and faulty pipes.  

You’ve got to also ensure you consider the time of the year. For instance, you are probably using more water during the summer. Also, during the winter, you might often have visitors in your house. These may be the reasons behind the higher water bills. However, if your bill is still high even though it isn’t the season, you can have a plumbing issue.