Average Punishments for DUI Cases 

The punishments and penalties for DUI cases depend on the state laws where the driver got detained for DUI or driving under the influence. The penalties of a DUI case could be extremely terrible. A common punishment for this violation includes anything from suspending your driver’s license to possible jail time. In the event you get arrested for a DUI case, you can expect to get the following consequences: 

Jail time 

DUI violators could get a prison sentence when they killed or seriously injured another individual as they drunk drive. Several DUI cases also often get partnered up with the chances to get terms in prison.  

Civil liability 

DUI violators can open the door for another prosecution under civil laws. Also, you can be held responsible for everything from serious bodily injuries, property damage, or even death when it’s known that you’re at fault.   


As part of the sentencing of your DUI case, you could be asked by the court to meet with a probation officer every week. Your probation’s terms can possibly encompass being tasked to do community service.  

Vehicle ignition interlock installation 

Other states will need ignition interlock devices to be set up after several offenses concerning DUI. Such devices will lock the vehicle of the driver from the start unit the sobriety breath test will be passed.  

Mandatory penalties 

A DUI case can really cause a great dent in your wallet. Fines for DUI convictions imposed by the court can total thousands of dollars. This can be added up to other fees like attorney’s fees, insurance premiums, and impoundment fees.  

Suspension of driver’s license 

Other states penalize a DUI violator by suspending their driver’s license for a particular amount of time. Usually, the driver’s license of the violator will be suspended for at least 1 year if it’s your first offense. If it’s already your second offense, it may be suspended for 3 years.  A 3rd offense, on the other hand, will lead to a 5-year suspension. You will also be required to attend a driving school class. But, if you exceed on those number of offenses, there’s a high chance that you won’t get your license or even your vehicle back, which is possible in other areas.  

Where you are living now can determine that the average punishment for DUI cases you’ll be facing. Other states impose jail time and extra penalties and fines when the blood alcohol limit is exceeded severely, property damage happens, there is injury involved when a minor is present in the vehicle, or if an accident resulted in death because the driver is drinking under the influence.  

Now, the average punishment for your DUI case will be depending on whatever it takes to prevent drunk driving as much as you can. Also, the only way to get away with or at least minimize your DUI case penalties would be to get a skilled Orlando car accident attorney and reputable lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. If you want to find one, contact us now.